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hypertosan_patientsapimanu ® has a high claim of quality.

For this reason, it is natural for us, that only products are offered, which are naturally free from heavy metals, poison materials and chemical substances! apimanu does not offer chemical or pharmaceutical medicaments, but pure natural dietary supplements for special medical purposes.

All products of apimanu® conforms to the applicable regulations 1999/21/EG of the European Commission dated March 25, 1999 and to the consolidated regulations 2006/82/EG and 2006/141/EG for dietary supplements for "special medical purposes" and is marketable in the countries of the European Union.

All ingredients of apimanu ® nutritional supplements are:

  • free of heavy metal loads
  • free of impurities
  • safe and free of negative side effects
  • subject constant and strict quality controlled
  • standardized and high-extracted
  • cGMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) standardized
  • HACCP standardized
  • standardized by IHT-Code: VI-2936.90.00 (natural herbal concentrates)

apimanu®- safe maximum amount!

For the formulation of apimanu products, apimanu®, adhered to the recommendations for maximum amounts of mineral nutrients, trace elements and vitamins as recommended by the following state institutions to ensure maximum safety for our customers:
  • Bundesinstitut für Risikobewertung (BfR) in Germany
  • United Kingdom Expert Group on Vitamins and Minerals (EVM)
  • Food Standards Agency (UK 2003)
  • German-Austrian-Swiss Nutrition Societies (DGE/ÖGE/SGE/SVE, 2000)
  • World Health Organization (WHO), RDI


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