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Lebererkrankungen apimanu Lebertosan

apimanu LebertoSan® ayurveda contains the active ingredient Silymarin from a special specia of Silybum marianum.

Application of apimanu LebertoSan® ayurveda:

  • Fetty liver associated with diabetes
  • Fetty liver associated with long term alcohol
  • viral hepatitis
  • Liver demage from drugs
  • Liver demage from industrial toxins
  • Chronical inflammatory liver diseases

apimanu LebertoSan® ayurveda is

  • made of plant extracts
  • free of negative substances
  • free of heavy metal loads
  • free of impurities
  • safe and free of negative side effects

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Hoffnung bei Fettleber

Name areas of application Thumbnail Image
apimanu LebertoSan® ayurveda

  • fatty liver
  • liver inflammation


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