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More and more people trust naturopathy.

They are people who are open-minded and accept alternatives to western conventional medicine. Herbal natural remedies play an important role in naturopathy. In addition to the expected effectiveness, people expect natural remedies with high bioavailability, purely herbal extracts and natural remedies from manufacturers purity of the ingredients.

apimanu® is the developer and manufacturer of such herbal natural remedies.

apimanu® has high quality standards. The company was founded in late 1999 by me, Dr. Thomas Kuehn, founded. apimanu® has been a family business from the start. People in 35 different countries now trust the natural remedies from apimanu®. Please find out more about our products on our website. Read what the Press writes and find out what our customers are into experience reports report and at Sanego.de, the independent patient portal, to inform those interested in apimanu® – natural remedies.

All apimanu® - natural remedies meet the relevant EFSA regulations of the EU countries and also have pharmaceutical central numbers (PZN) in the Federal Republic of Austria and Germany.

apimanu® is a registered license partner of the packaging recycling company “Der Grüne Punk” in the Federal Republic of Germany and the ARA (Altstoff Recycling Austria) in the Federal Republic of Austria.