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Diabetic reviews of apimanu Diabgymna ®

    Experience reports on Diabgymna by apimanu

    Ms Silvia Stockman

    Following your request, you may publish my email. I assume that you will not make my personal data public. (Neither email address nor postal data please) “ Dear Dr. Kuehn, I've been taking your natural remedy to treat my diabetes for two months now. Hard to describe how apimanu Diabgymna regulated my blood sugar. I am a type 2 diabetic and on the 2nd day after lunch my blood glucose readings were 120 after 2 hours. They used to be around 150 to 190. I measure morning, noon and evening as recommended by my doctor. Doctor, today I come from my doctor, he confirmed to me that a so-called "significant improvement of the values" can be determined. In 4 weeks I should have a long-term value made and he assumes that it will be much better then. Of course I will report back. Thank you for the natural remedy and the many recommendations that I was able to read on your website. Of course, my report is not a recommendation for all diabetics, especially since my doctor says that not all diabetics should be treated the same. Many many thanks. Mrs Stockman

    Dr. folding man

    My family doctor gave me one at the beginning of August 2017 Type 2 diabetes mellitus diagnosed. He sent me to a diabetologist who confirmed my GP's findings and prescribed me metformin tablets and told me that he wanted to start the treatment with that first and that he couldn't say whether insulin shots would follow afterwards. That was delusional for me, because as an engineer I travel all over the world and I felt absolutely limited with insulin injections. On the Internet I found information about apimanu Diabgymna in diabetic forums. My doubts as to whether this drug could help me were there and my doctor did not know the drug. However, my pharmacist knew Diabgymna and confirmed that he had already given it to patients on several occasions. These statements and the manufacturer's website with all the content and the possibility of obtaining the drug from pharmacies persuaded me to try it out in September. I wrote to the manufacturer via email and promptly received a sample pack for 15 days from the manufacturer. I took this with me on my trip abroad to Dubai. My doctor advised me to have an accurate blood sugar measurement. I don't know how, but the success was already visible after a few days. From 180 mg/dl to 145 mg/dl after eating. When my trial pack was running out, I thought, ask the pharmacies here in Dubai. Hard to believe, the first pharmacy already knew, had and sold me Diabgymna. Now in December 2017 I have blood sugar levels of about 112 mg/dl two hours after eating, my doctor is satisfied and I, as a skeptical person, have to say that I probably do not need insulin (yet), also my second measured long-term value ( HbA1c) has improved significantly according to my doctor. apimanu Diabgymna seems to help me as a diabetic! A note from me to the manufacturer: Why didn't my doctor here in Germany know Diabgymna when I had no problem with Diabgymna in Dubai in the first pharmacy and also in the pharmacy in Germany. Does the manufacturer not provide any information for doctors? Your query about my email: You may publish my experience report, provided you do not put my contact details online. Happy New Year Jan Faltmann

    Information is also available from "Sanego", the evaluation site.

    Customer opinions on apimanu at sanego

    Mr. K. Kücker

    I am very satisfied with Apimanu Diabgymna. I have already recommended it to many diabetics, but they first ask their doctor, who then advises against it. My levels are back to normal thanks to Diabgymna. I would like to thank you again for this one can say miracle cure. Of course you can publish my experience report on your website. I can recommend Apimanu Diabgymna to every diabetic, it has no side effects and has helped me. My levels went from 350 to 3 in 130 months. You just have to use it correctly, namely always before meals about 15 minutes before. I am now eating normally again. I measure every day my average value from the last 12 months is currently at 135 according to my meter Accu Check aviva. Of course, I only speak for myself, it can be natural that others may not have such a good effect, because every body is different. You should just try it and be patient for at least 3 months. Klaus Kücker. K. Kücker 21395 Tespe

    Mrs. Susanna Neumann

    Dear Sir or Madam, My daughter was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes mellitus ten weeks ago. The doctors have found that 70% of the islet cells have died in the meantime. However, the remaining 30% are now producing insulin again. How long this phase (remission) lasts, i.e. until all the islet cells have died, apparently cannot be determined exactly. However, the following can be ascertained: In the early days, the blood sugar levels went up and down like a roller coaster. A week after my daughter left the hospital, I became aware of her preparation Diabgymna ayurveda (apimanu Diabgymna ayurveda, ed.). About five weeks after the initial diagnosis and a week after taking your product regularly, the levels began to stabilize. In the meantime, I have the impression that, despite all the care taken when calculating the BE and the supply of insulin, a stability has emerged that surprises me. My daughter is twelve years old and sometimes still careless. From the gut, I would say that Diabgymna ayurveda is responsible for this stability effect, as I have often heard from other parents that they cannot get their children's blood sugar levels under control (in the remission phase). However, my daughter no longer has any problems with this. I will certainly continue to order your product in the future. … Since I am a nurse myself, I have a very good feeling for my daughter's illness. Kind regards, Susanna Neumann

    Mr. Rolf Tillmanns

    Hello APIMANU-Team, after my diabetologist "threatened" me to add insulin to the treatment with Mellitus 2 tablets, I searched the internet for alternatives. I found Abimanu. Of course I was skeptical. After checking the statements in the prospectus by a doctor, who confirmed to me that the effect of the plant extract can have the promised effect, I placed my first order in March 2010 and have been taking 2 tablets a day since then. Result: The HbA1c has improved from 7,2 to 6,2 and the currently measured fasting value is around 100 mg/dl. So very gratifying prospects of escaping the syringe. Continued success on the side path to conventional medicine!!

    Margit Buchi

    In August 2010 I had given up all hope until I came across your website. I figured what helps people can't hurt animals. My dog ​​was urinating and was totally apathetic and depressed. diagnosing diabetes. She was so stressed out by the treatments she had to endure that with a heavy heart I wanted to put her to sleep to spare her this. Until I held the diabetes capsules in my hands full of hope. Gave her 1/2 capsule every day (she weighs 12kg) over the feed and after just a week we were already seeing results. It has now been 7 weeks and she is sober and enjoying life again. She was also taken back into the pack by the other two dogs. She had totally withdrawn or been expelled because of her illness. Now we are all very happy about the success and would like to thank you very much for being there.

    Mr. Armin Dorner

    Dear Sir or Madam, I happened to read about the product "apimanu Diabgymna ayurveda" on the Internet. I have been taking this product twice a day for about 8 months and I am very satisfied with the success. Of course, I constantly monitor my sugar levels and constantly check myself. At the beginning I had an HB1c value of 11,5, but since taking your product regularly my values ​​have dropped and have leveled off at 6,5 or 7. I can also eat normally without the values ​​changing significantly. Yours sincerely, Armin Dorner

    Mrs. Haarmann-Drenhaus

    Dear Sir or Madam, A few months ago I stumbled upon your website and read about the successes that many diabetic patients had achieved with your product. I got curious, because my husband, who is type II diabetes, has been trying for a long time to get his sugar levels under control - with moderate success. The long-term value was always between 7 and 9%, which is of course far too high. Added to this were elevated cholesterol levels that were dizzying. He (still) takes the medications Metformin and Beza Retard regularly. I have now ordered Apimanu Diabgymna twice and my husband willingly takes the capsules twice a day. A check-up was due a few days ago - and really - the values ​​have improved significantly. After 3 months of taking Apimanu! (apimanu Diabgymna ayurveda, ed.) The long-term sugar level was 6%, the cholesterol levels were 128 (!) and the triglycerides were 600 (previously over 1000!). The doctor was amazed how these values ​​could have improved so much - and so was my husband! He hadn't even changed his diet that much. He's not a big eater anyway, he just can't do without meat. I can only confirm the successes with Apimanu (apimanu Diabgymna ayurveda and apimanu Guglipid ayurveda, ed.) and we will continue to order this product! Today I also ordered the fat blocker (for me) from you so that I can finally get rid of my 10 kilos overweight, which I have been trying to do more or less unsuccessfully for two years. Despite changing my diet and a successful food combining diet (25 kilos weight loss), I just can't go on any longer, especially since I'm now over 40. Apimanu shall be my last attempt. I really hope that Fat Blocker Capsules will be just as successful as Diabgymna. Kind regards Martina Haarmann-Drenhaus

    Mr. Master Hermann Penker

    I am very satisfied with your product (apimanu Diabgymna ayurveda, ed.). I had to go to the sanatorium for an operation. There I was first forbidden to take any medicines I had brought with me, and that went well for a while with regard to my sugar levels, because I was severely undersupplied due to the necessary fasting beforehand. But eventually the supply was replenished and one lunch was enough to send the sugar level skyrocketing to 170. Now the nurse told me to start taking my medication again. At the next measurement, my values ​​were back in the normal range, and they stayed that way continuously (although the most I could do there was in the stairwell). The primary doctor who went on his rounds and asked about my medication didn't believe I was diabetic. He said if I can control my sugar levels with their medication then I can't be diabetic. That's how they are, our conventional medicine doctors. (Editor's note: apimanu company does not hold this opinion. The doctor should always be your "partner") It would be nice if they did a campaign again, the only problem for me are the prices. Kind regards Herman Penker

    Dr. Ing. Johannes Peter Mlejnek

    Two years ago, during a check-up, I was unexpectedly diagnosed with diabetes mellitus (as an active person with a slim build, I would never have expected that). Shocked by the long list of side effects of standard chemical preparations, I searched for natural remedies and came across Diabgymna ayurveda (apimanu Diabgymna ayurveda, ed.). In cooperation with my family doctor, I tested this remedy in a series of self-tests and was able to notice pleasing blood sugar reductions. Since then, Diabgymnna (apimanu Diabgymna ayurveda, ed.) has been my standard medication.

    Mrs. Ursula Gorzitza

    in Bruck an der Mur/Austria writes: Dear Sir or Madam, one of your nicest employees phoned Mrs. Ursula Gorzitza in Bruck/Austria yesterday to describe the positive effects of your products in a few key words. She has been taking Guglipid (apimanu Guglipid ayurveda, ed.) for cholesterol for 3 months - without any other medication - and has reduced her value from 360 to 157. Diabgymna (apimanu Diabgymna ayurveda, ed.) - for diabetes she has been taking for 2 months - incl. Amaryl (prescribed by the doctor) and has gone down from a sugar level of 300-400 to 160-200. Again to the tel. Advisor to Ms. Gorzitza. She told me he was very nice, has great knowledge and advises her accurately and with a lot of empathy. (We received this reference from an acquaintance of Ms. Gorzitza, as she does not have internet herself, ed.)

    Mr. Rudolph Czech

    Forget media hassles. Your products (apimanu Diabgymna ayurveda and apimanu HypertoSan ayurveda, ed.) are simply brilliant and great. I've been completely healthy again for 2 years - thanks to your products. Best regards + THANK YOU from Rudolph Tschech

    Mrs. Evelyn Shahravan

    Dear Sir or Madam, Last year I accidentally came across the Apimanu website. I am a type 1 diabetic and was therefore very interested in reading the references from other diabetics who had successfully taken the product "apimanu Diabgymna ayurveda". ... At that time I had fasting values ​​around 130-180mg/dl and therefore I injected 1-2 units of insulin before breakfast and then injected twice the amount of insulin units at breakfast when I ate. (So ​​4 BE = 8 units of insulin), for lunch and dinner I injected 1:1. After just one week of taking "apimanu Diabgymna ayurveda" my fasting sugar dropped so that I didn't need to inject anything before breakfast and after another week I only needed to inject 1:1 insulin. In the meantime I have values ​​of around 100mg/dl in the morning and 2 hours after eating values ​​of 120 - 140mg/dl. I only inject for breakfast and not at all at lunchtime and in the evening. I am absolutely thrilled and can only recommend it to every diabetic. It has no side effects at all, I feel totally great. I talked about it with my doctor, who is also a non-medical practitioner. He didn't know the product, was very interested and had no concerns that I would take it. He said if it helps, there's nothing wrong with it. I haven't had any capsules for 2 days and my sugar went back up a little straight away. So I will continue to take this product to maintain my sugar control accordingly. It's not cheap and the health insurance companies don't pay anything, but it's absolutely worth the price. Sincerely, Evelyn Shahravan

    Mrs. Roswitha Zeisel

    I was diagnosed with diabetes mellitus (mixture of type 13 and type 1 according to the internist) 2 years ago during pregnancy. HB1c levels have been getting worse over the years and stood at 8,3. After taking your product regularly (2 capsules daily) (apimanu Diabgymna ayurveda, ed.) my HB1c level dropped to 7,3. I am very happy that your product (apimanu Diabgymna ayurveda, ed.) was made aware of on the Internet and I can only recommend it highly. Kind regards, Roswitha Zeisel

    dr willow field

    “In general, natural preparations are finding it increasingly difficult on the market in Germany. Since pharmaceutical laws were tightened 13 years ago, patenting plants has been almost impossible, making pharmaceutical companies shy away from expensive quality controls. Many effective natural remedies could long since be prescribed by doctors as alternative medicines if their approval were simplified.” Weidenfeld University of Bonn

    Mrs. Liliane Schild

    A good 4 months ago, our 7-month-old puppy was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes mellitus. Since I have owned dogs for over 30 years and I only knew this disease from people from hearsay, it was of course a huge shock for me. After the initial diet and insulin twice a day, we really had the feeling that we were going to lose the little one with the blood sugar levels that were always going crazy. In my desperation and after a long search on the internet, I became aware of your remedy (apimanu Diabgymna ayurveda, ed.) and received a test sample, which I would like to thank. Our Askur, who is now 2 months old and weighs 13 kilos, is now getting Normaes dog food because he refused the diet food and I had another stress factor. He now gets one tablet (apimanu Diabgymna ayurveda, ed.) distributed over 17 meals at the same time and lo and behold, the blood sugar levels have stabilized and reduced by 4 units of caninsulin. He's been getting the apimanu (apimanu Diabgymna ayurveda, ed.) for only 4 weeks and I'll of course be happy to recommend you, because I've noticed that there are a lot of dog owners with the same problems. I will also be happy to inform you about the further course of events and I am very grateful that I found you on the Internet. Sincerely, Liliane Schild

    Mr. Ewald Siebels

    I ordered this product for my mother-in-law. She has type XNUMX diabetes. Insulin injections alone did not lower her sugar levels. Since she has been taking your product (apimanu Diabgymna ayurveda, the editor) her values ​​are in the normal range. I have already advertised this product to a colleague and he has already ordered it. (Schmidt) (Name changed by the editors) I'm very happy to have found this remedy on the Internet. Kind regards, Ewald Siebels