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Natural remedies from apimanu®

We at apimanu® operate our company 100% with solar energy with our own solar system.

Original since 1999

Areas of application Ayurveda – natural remedies

“… I've been taking it for a few days NeurotoSan and I already feel more balanced and have significantly fewer negative thoughts...”

Ulrike Everding, apimanu customer

Areas of application orthomolecular medicine

"... after four weeks of taking DarmVital I have a much better digestion.."

Gerd Meister, apimanu customer

"... What can I say: actually just THANK YOU that I got my blood pressure under control again with this natural remedy..."

Hans-Joachim Schulze, apimanu customer

Our company

Many years of experience and pronounced, responsible competence, high quality and strong service - all this combines apimanu®. For more than 20 years at the global OTCmarket, apimanu is a competent partner for everything to do with natural remedies and dietary supplements. Living innovation and traditional, Hanseatic family-run entrepreneurship. This works out! … original and since 1999.

Customer Reviews

Catherine Frieben

Hello, I too would like to give you a positive feedback. My husband suffers from an autoimmune disease of the thyroid gland, which causes, among other things, fatty liver. His values ​​were 96. After about 3 months of taking Lebertosan, the value was in the lower normal range at 30! dropped.

Many Thanks!!!!

Dieter Kiebitz

...After taking "Apimanu Neurotosan" for about 3 weeks, I initially felt an improvement in my mood. Today my condition has developed positively….

Michael Kessler

Life is worth living again! After a serious brain trauma, anxiety and depression ruled my life. NeurotoSan helped me decisively to free myself from these fears and depression. Thank you !

Armin Dorner

…In the beginning I had an HB1c value of 11,5, but since taking your product regularly my values ​​have dropped and have leveled off at 6,5 and 7 respectively. I can also eat normally without the values ​​changing seriously....

Our production

Within our manufacturing process we use cGMP certified automated stainless steel machines of the latest generation. apimanu® adheres to the basic principle of the so-called "Hygienic design & HACCP" . Undesirable microorganisms or residues and impurities cannot get into our products and impair production hygiene or food safety. Our entire machine park meets…

We like “organ” and “vegan” and guarantee high quality.

Our products

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