Company data

apimanu Spain, SL
Apdo 362
03730 Javea (Alicante), Spain
Phone number: +34.634639995


Tax and License Data

International tax number (VAT-ID): on request *

Spanish tax number (NIF): on request *

International EORI number: on request *

License number at the commercial register office: 120120139460

License number at the health authorities: DE-10822012

Competent Spanish registry office: Registro Mercantil de Alicante (Spain)
Competent Spanish tax authority: Agencia Tributaria, Delegacion de Alicante

apimanu® is listed under Health Authority National Registration Number (RGSEAA) No. 26.014168/A as a licensed company with the “Agency Health and Consumers” at the European Commission.

Packaging register Germany (LUCID): License number: DE1701829296698

Altstoff Recycling Austria (Austria): License number: 96785

Our company adheres to the data protection of the data protection regulation of the DS-GVO as a European guideline to the European data protection regulation. More here: GDPR


dr Thomas Kuehn. (managing director)

* Based on the relevant EU regulations, the tax authorities in our country recommended that we not publish our tax numbers on the Internet. On request, we will provide these if you provide your tax number.

You can conduct your correspondence in English, Spanish, French, German or Russian. Our customers are currently served in the following countries: all EU countries, Switzerland, Norway, Russia, Ukraine, Thailand, Singapore, India, Philippines, Australia, New Zealand, Turkey, UAE, Oman, Bahrain, Egypt, Canada, USA, Panama, Brazil , Argentina, South Africa.

We do NOT sell or deliver our goods to the following countries: IRAN, IRAQ, SYRIA, AFGHANISTAN, LYBIA and SUDAN and ANGOLA. This also applies to diplomatic orders!

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