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Current press reports on the company apimanu ®

Austrian Diabetes JournalIn the "Austrian Diabetes Journal” reports a diabetic from the Federal Republic of Germany about how he came across the natural diabetes remedy Diabgymna® from apimanu® and what successes he was able to achieve with it.


apimanu coverage in seniors and diabeticsA 66-year-old pensioner from Austria was researching an effective plant to regulate blood sugar in the serum. He found the "Gymna plant" growing in India. What he found out and what value it was, reports the trade journal "seniors & diabetics".

What important role the 3000 year old Ayurvedic healing art in the Western world, among other things, in the treatment of diabetes mellitus and which successful and gentle therapies are used in Ayurveda medicine by Ayurveda doctors on patients, describes the pharmacy journal "Pharmacies mirror".

Latest scientific studies show significant success in the therapy of high blood lipid levels and high blood pressure with the extract of the olive tree leaf. What such therapies look like and what elementary role the extract from the olive tree leaf plays in it is explained in this report clear.